domingo, agosto 10, 2014

Free Stuff

Coleção de fotos apropriadas de produtos anunciados para doação nos classificados do Craiglist de Toronto

quarta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2014

The Virtual Mechanic Skin

Mecha is armor, a virtual protection, mechanical, hybrid technology and desire. Much more than a fantasy, mecha represents an illusory alternative to human inability to immortal skill. Mecha is power, has no gender, and has no modesty. Mecha is cooler, more fun, bigger, sexier, more interesting than our mundane little lives.

A recent example how the media use mecha, is the Guillermo del Toro movie Pacific Rim (2012). The movie is, in actuality, a potent mixture of two sub-genres; the giant monster film, and the giant robot of a type most commonly seen in anime.

Otherwise in fiction, now we have some examples of real life Mecha

The Kuratas mecha (aka Vaudeville), an outrageous art project by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, made its official public debut at Wonder Fest 2012 

Aftertwo years of development, Nagumo Masaki from Saitama, has presented with his company Sakikibara Kikai an real life mech. This 32-years-old Japanese genius has named it as Land Walker.

 Real life giant kabuto mecha will invade the shores of America in future wars 

This little Japanese has manged to turn out two real-world mecha, one was the 2005 walker,

           Finally, Don't you think Ice Hokey equipment looks like much as cartoons Mechas?

quarta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2014

My pictures on the Brazil Consulate in Toronto

The new Ambassador of Brazil Jose Vicente de Sa Pimental installing two photos of my serie Aquiraz in his office at the Consulate General of Brazil in Toronto during the delivery of the prize I received from the Foreign Ministry.